Vecoplan Integrated Controls-

Company Info

In the process of building and developing an extremely successful manufacturing business under the VECOPLAN name, we experienced quite a bit of success with the control systems that we were producing for our own VECOPLAN equipment. So much so that Vecoplan Integrated Controls was spun off as a new division.

Located in Archdale, North Carolina, VIC is primarily, (but not limited to) an Allen Bradley House and currently listed in A/B’s top 20. VIC designs and fabricates control panels for industrial machines as well as comprehensive plant-wide controls integration. We design machine specific PLCs and custom touch screen HMI’s with the ability to integrate Ethernet, Devicenet, etc. along with other plant wide networks. From design engineering to system commissioning, our turnkey solutions, customer service, and expertise are world renowned and second to none. In addition, VIC is experienced in a broad spectrum of applications in a wide range of industries, including plastics, paper, wood, municipal solid waste, alternative fuels, document destruction, and biomass, etc

VIC Custom Control Panels