VIC custom panel manufacturing -

Get the most out of your machinery

VIC offers construction and custom programming of control panels that meet or exceed UL 508a, NEC, OSHA, and Hazardous Location Designations. VIC designs machine specific PLCs and HMIs with the ability to integrate Ethernet, Devicenet and other plant wide networks. We are a leading custom control panel manufacturer using the highest quality components. Using state-of-the art CAD design systems, Our engineers have the expertise and layout know-how unrivaled in the industry. Custom HMI (Human Machine Interface) design finalizes the process with a control interface that is intuitive and loaded with process control information and archived data as well as easy to understand trouble shooting and other system information.

VIC customers include machinery importers needing control panels that meet all applicable North American codes and regulations, and OEMs looking to add some touch screen “sales dazzle” to their machine controls.

VIC offers the ideal solution for OEMs looking for a panel manufacturing resource with extensive knowledge of North American standards and the ability to design and manufacture control panels specific to their requirements. Whether it be a single control panel for a single piece of machinery, or complete industrial control systems, VIC goes the extra distance to understand your market and machinery to design and produce controls that will optimize the performance of your equipment.

Process equipment, conveying systems, feed systems, separation equipment - you name it, VIC has the experience to design a control system and interface that will maximize performance. VIC is also extremely experienced in virtually any market requiring controls technology - plastics, wood, municipal waste, recycling, paper, alternative fuels, biomass - the list is virtually endless.

In addition to a vast range of expertise and knowledge, VIC provides the highest quality available. Redundant quality checks are incorporated throughout the design and manufacturing process, from design to fabrication to programming to integration to project management to commissioning - VIC makes sure that every step is of the highest quality workmanship and of the highest quality components.