Vecoplan Systems Integration -
Making it all come together

VIC systems integration has a proven record of lowering production and labor costs. Our expertise ranges from advanced PLC programming, Next-Generation HMI touchscreen design and complete factory layout and control systems integration. From engineering to system commissioning, our turn-key services and expertise are available nation-wide.

  • Breathe new life and reliability to existing equipment through new controls integration
  • Incorporate communications between control systems and IT systems to improve production planning, inventory control and quality control
  • Provide more intuitive operations via custom HMI (Human Machine Interface) designs
  • Reduce labor costs by reducing training and skill level of operators
  • Reduce downtime via complete system monitoring and alarm troubleshooting information
  • Monitor and improve quality control and productivity through process machine trending and data archiving

VIC systems integration gives your company the opportunity to blend new machine technologies with existing machinery, breathing new life and optimizing productivity throughout your system. VIC's fully trained electrical design engineers, programmers and panel builders will integrate modern control systems that meet or, in most cases, exceed all the current safety and operational features required by today's electrical and safety codes - at the same time, improving the production and quality demands of both new and legacy equipment.

With extensive experience in a wide range of applications and industries, including wood, plastics, municipal waste, alternative fuels, biomass, paper, recycling - the list is almost endless, VIC engineers will work with you to design, manufacture and install the right system for your needs.